FOCUS “Focus” Series Of Gorgeous Acoustic Guitars


· [Panel] Selected HEATREATED® North American spruce veneer
· [Back and Side Panels] Indian Rosewood Plywood
· [Sound beam architecture] X-Structure® Plus for R
· [Barrel neck connection technology] AS-JOINT® split type high precision
· [Neck] HEATREATED® African Mahogany HF CONFORT High handle and comfortable design
· [Fingerboard] GRAND WHEAT inlaid HEATREATED® rosewood
· [Bridge] HEATREATED® rosewood FULLY-EMBEDDED® full inlaid
· [String pillow] Seiko beef bone
· [String winder] COVENANT® T2P 1:21 high precision
· [String] COVENANT® S253

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FOCUS “Focus” series of gorgeous acoustic guitars

Proprietary appearance and unique Xinghui painting process, beauty is everywhere.


Unique appearance

The COVENANT® FOCUS “Focus” series is the only product series that adopts the “Xinghui” coating process in the entire line of Covenant products. It is also the only piano with beautiful full-fingerboard inlays besides COVENANT® CUSTOM WORKS customized products. paragraph.

Using a special formula, by strictly controlling the mixing ratio of oil and gas and the amount of spraying, the “Xinghui” coating process of Covenant successfully controlled the thickness of the FOCUS paint layer to a low level. With the full line of high-end technology equipment, the Huamei guitar still has Excellent acoustic performance.


Under the beautiful appearance of FOCUS, what hides is the unique technology and craftsmanship of Covenant.
X-Structure™ Plus sound beam structure, full HEATREATED® acoustic wood, HF CONFORT neck, FULLY-EMBEDDED® full-inlaid bridge, HCP manufacturing process, almost all of the highest-end craftsmanship and technology of Covenant can be used in FOCUS Found on the body.



Veneer · R barrel · 40 inches

Official guide price: USD 414.99



Veneer · R barrel · 40 inches

Official guide price: USD 414.99

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