CUSTOM “Guest Selection” Customized Acoustic Guitar


Full single board
· [Panel] Master HEATREATED® North American spruce veneer
· [Barrel neck connection technology] AS-JOINT® split type high precision
· [Neck] Three-piece HEATREATED® African Mahogany HF CONFORT High handle and comfortable design
· [Fingerboard] HEATREATED® Ebony
· [Bridge] HEATREATED® FULLY-EMBEDDED® full inlay
· [String pillow] Seiko beef bone
· [String Reel] GOTOH® 510
· [Strings] Elixir® Custom Light made in the US

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Caverant CUSTOM “Guest Selection” Customized Acoustic Guitar

Since the launch of the Cavalante CCW customized service, it has served many artists, musicians and guitar lovers.


Customized service and then upgraded

Since the opening of COVENANT® CUSTOM WORKS customization service, it has been deeply loved by customers. Not only the barrel shape is freely selected, but also a variety of high-end materials can also meet your individual needs.

As the first brand in China to fully develop customized services, Cavalante CCW has made a brand new upgrade, and tailored its own guitars to customers according to customers’ timbre needs and usage conditions.

The highest level of Cavrant guitar

Each CUSTOM guitar is designed by COVENANT® CUSTOM WORKS (CCW Studio), which represents the highest level of Cavalante, and is manufactured in strict accordance with CCW standards. You can also perform secondary design on the basis of products designed by CCW, and CCW exclusive designers will help you build your exclusive guitar one-to-one.

Help you realize your creativity

The designers of Cavalante CCW will help you realize your ideas, whether it is the headstock, the fingerboard, the sound hole, the bridge, or even the backboard, all your ideas can be carried. Designers will use various materials such as wood and shells, through professional and exquisite skills, to complete every idea you deliver, and create a unique guitar for you.



Full veneer · R CONFORT DUO barrel · 40 inches

Official guide price: USD 3568.2



Full board · CORV® CONFORT DUO barrel · 41 inches

Official guide price: starting from USD 2112.75



Full veneer · GRV CONFORT DUO barrel · 41 inches

Official guide price: starting from USD 2112.75

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