7 Series Performance-Grade Full Single-Board Acoustic Guitar


· [Panel] Special grade HEATREATED® North American spruce veneer
· [Back and Side Panels] HEATREATED® Indian rosewood veneer
· [Barrel neck connection technology] AS-JOINT® split type high precision
· [Neck] Three-piece HEATREATED® African Mahogany HF CONFORT High handle and comfortable design
· [Fingerboard] DOVE inlaid HEATREATED® ebony
· [Bridge] HEATREATED® FULLY-EMBEDDED® full inlay
· [String pillow] Seiko beef bone
· [String Reel] GOTOH® 510
· [String] Elixir® Custom Light

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Covenant 7 series performance-grade full single-board acoustic guitar

As a performance-level full single-board acoustic guitar, the Covenant 7 series products are fully capable of performing in various occasions from the recording studio to the performance scene. Regardless of the sound quality, the playing feel or the ergonomic bevel design, the 7 series has become the representative work of Covenant’s full single-board acoustic guitar.

Flagship quality

As the flagship product of Covenant’s all-single guitar, the 7 series performance-grade acoustic guitars have always represented the highest level of Covenant’s acoustic guitars with mature craftsmanship, stable quality and beautiful timbre.

Classic look

The 2020 7 series acoustic guitars continue the high-comfort CORV® SLOPE barrel shape with the popular DOVE “pigeon” fingerboard inlay.

New architecture

While retaining the classic appearance, all the 2020 7 series acoustic guitars have been upgraded with the X-Structure® Extreme II series sound beam structure, which improves the stability of the guitar body and improves the acoustic performance again.



Full veneer · GRV SLOPE barrel · 41 inches

Official guide price: USD 1343.628



Full board · CORV® SLOPE barrel · 41 inches

Official guide price: USD 1343.628



Full veneer · D SLOPE barrel · 41 inches

Official guide price: USD 1265.328

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