5 Series Professional-Grade Full Single-Board Acoustic Guitar


· [Barrel neck connection technology] AS-JOINT® split type high precision
· [Neck] HEATREATED® African Mahogany HF CONFORT High handle and comfortable design
· [Fingerboard] HEATREATED® Ebony
· [Bridge] HEATREATED® FULLY-EMBEDDED® full inlay
· [String pillow] Seiko beef bone
· [String winder] COVENANT® T2P 1:21 high precision
· [Pickup] COVENANT® M2P dual channel
· [String] COVENANT® S253P made in the US

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Covenant 5 Series Professional Full Single Board Acoustic Guitar

For a long time, the Covenant 5 series products have been committed to creating professional-grade full single-board acoustic guitars with high quality and price ratio. Each board is strictly selected, and even the fingerboard, bridge, and solid string cones all use precious ebony as the raw material to maximize the sound quality of the guitar.

Professional level

The Covenant 5 series of full single-board acoustic guitars recognized by many professional musicians have an excellent sound quality and meet the demanding standards of recording studios.

Whether used in music recording, stage performance, or daily playing, the 5 series will give you the same excellent stable performance.

Comfortable upgrade

Following in the footsteps of the 7 series, the 5 series have all been updated to a barrel with a slope of SLOPE.

The comfortable large inclined surface design makes the performance extremely comfortable, especially in the sitting posture, it is still comfortable even when playing for a long time.

Inheritance and innovation

The 5 series fully applies many leading technologies of Covenant.

Among them, the FULLY-EMBEDDED® fully embedded bridge allows the vibration of the strings to be transmitted to the panel more effectively, and also makes the combination of the bridge and the panel stronger. The fully upgraded X-Structure® Extreme II sound beam structure strengthens the body while re-optimizing the panel resonance.



Full veneer · CORV® barrel · 41 inches

Official guide price: USD 905.148



Full veneer · DV SLOPE barrel · 41 inches

Official guide price: USD 826.848



Full veneer · D SLOPE barrel · 41 inches

Official guide price: USD 779.868

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