3 Series Luxury Single-Board Acoustic Guitar


· [Panel] Selected HEATREATED® North American spruce veneer
· [Barrel neck connection technology] AS-JOINT® split type high precision
· [Neck] HEATREATED® African Mahogany HF CONFORT High handle and comfortable design
· [Fingerboard] JOE Signature inlaid with HEATREATED® rosewood
· [Bridge] HEATREATED® rosewood FULLY-EMBEDDED® full inlaid
· [String pillow] Seiko beef bone
· [String winder] COVENANT® T2P 1:21 high precision
· [String] COVENANT® S253

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Covenant 3 series luxury single-board acoustic guitar

Covenant’s new 3 series products are of higher quality and gorgeous upgrades.

Internal upgrade

As a luxury single-board guitar, the 3 series products have always been the mainstay of the Covenant product line. The whole line of the 3 series is made of gorgeous wood and natural shells, showing its luxurious temperament everywhere.

The 2020 3 series products apply the Kafront AS-JOINT™ “split high precision” barrel neck connection technology, which has further enhanced stability.

Luxurious Back View

The Covenant 3 series all use selected HEATREATED® North American spruce panels and HEATREATED® African tiger pattern mahogany back/side panels.

Tiger mahogany not only has excellent acoustic performance but also has a unique and beautiful horizontal texture. The Covenant 3 series, which is matched in this way, has a clean front and a luxurious back, which is in line with the essence of low-key luxury.


310 JOE

Faced veneer · R SLOPE barrel · 40 inches

Official guide price: USD 477.63



Veneer · RV barrel · 40 inches

Official guide price: CNY 508.95 Electric box



Veneer · DV barrel · 41 inches

Official guide price: CNY 508.95

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