FULLY-EMBEDDED™ Fully Inlaid Bridge

In exploring the craftsmanship and technology of piano-making, COVENANT has always been at the forefront.

The FULLY-EMBEDDED® full-inlaid bridge is one of COVENANT’s unique secrets to ensure product quality.

Based on the EMB bridge inlay technology previously developed by COVENANT, the FULLY-EMBEDDED® full-inlaid bridge combines the bridge with the panel tightly, eliminating the common problems of cracking and falling of the bridge in acoustic guitars. At the same time, the solid structure allows the vibration of the strings to be transmitted to the panel more effectively, allowing the guitar to obtain better resonance and greater loudness.

As soon as the FULLY-EMBEDDED® bridge was launched, it was the first to be installed on the COVENANT 5 series products that pursue the essence of sound and the stage guitar LIVE, which has extremely high requirements for product stability, and subsequently applied to COVENANT and others Acoustic guitar products.

At present, the entire line of COVENANT acoustic guitar products has been upgraded to FULLY-EMBEDDED® full-inlaid bridges.